Corazzo is special due to a perfect combination of design, quality, protection and community support. The design will catch your eye.   The fit and finish will make you understand the quality that goes into the products.  The impact protection and abrasion resistance will save your hide.  But when you add in service and community support on top of it all, you have the perfect combination of what makes Corazzo special.

Dandee, Albuquerque, NM 

I am a very proud Corazzo owner. Previously I had owned quite a few other jackets but none of them have come close to the fit and style of the Corazzo line of jackets. Currently I own and wear the Ventata and Leather 5.0. Jackets. I do a lot of long distance touring on my scooter and never leave home without wearing one of the above jackets. In fact I feel naked without the protection offered by them.  Thank you for making the best gear I have ever worn.

John, Watervliet, NY

My Corazzo Ventata jacket is awesome. It provides great protection with armor in the shoulders, back, and elbows. It looks great and it fit well. I never ride without it, even in the hot Florida summer!  Keep up the great work and ride with the shield.

Garth, Tampa, FL

I’ve been scooting for 5 years and the only jackets I own are Corazzos.  My first was the iconic 5.0.  White with red stripes. It’s the only one that has met the ground. While stopped at a light, I was rear-ended and that sent me and my scooter sliding through a busy intersection. I think I landed on my side and slide on my back, all I know is there wasn’t a tear anywhere and the only evidence on the coat that I crashed was my white coat was now dirty.  That 5.0 saved my skin for sure!

Jen, San Diego, CA

I was led to Corazzo Design in search of a motorcycle jacket that offered outstanding abrasion protection, CE rated armor, as well as aesthetic qualities that didn’t scream that, “I just finished racing in MotoGP”. I searched to the vast corners of the internet looking for something that would fit the bill and finally stumbled into Corazzo. I was hesitant to buy gear online as I don’t have a local retailer who had my sizes in stock but was floored by the outstanding customer service that Corazzo offered throughout my buying process as well as after the sale. Being 6’4″, I had a tough time finding jackets that would be long enough while in a riding position. The Corazzo 5.0 was perfect. 

Both my wife and I have the full Corazzo gambit of gear (jackets and gloves) and we couldn’t be happier. The quality of all of our products are top notch, and while I hope to never find out if it holds up well in a crash or not, there are no doubts in my mind that it will. Alan and his team offer up fantastic products with great prices and fantastic support before and after the sale. Do not hesitate to buy from Corazzo. 

Matt, Cincinnati, OH

Nobody likes to get in an accident, but unfortunately I’ve done so, requiring hospitalization, twice in the last 4 years. One time it was a high side, one time a low, but in both, my Corazzo Urbano gloves protected my hands. There were scratches on the knuckles and the fabric was ruffed up with a couple of holes, but my hands came out totally intact. I also like the Urbano’s because I have long fingers and the XXL size actually fits them, without being really roomy in most other spots. Thumbs (heh) up!

Mark (Facebook)