AHRMA Vintage Races at PIR

Amidst the sounds of revving engines, race bikes at redline, and the occasional waft of spent race gas, Team Corazzo spend two days out on the Tarmac spectating, racing, and soaking in the glorious AHRMA Vintage Races.

Ride with the Shield

Vintage Motocross racing was brought back to PIR for probably the first time in a few decades. Yamaha DTs, Honda CRs and Suzuki TMs were as abuntant as the chunks of sod and soil flying through the air.
Vintage Motocross

This was, as you might have seen in previous posts, a pivotal moment for the scooter racing community in the pacific northwest as they were able to run their first race on the track. For the first time in Portland International Raceway history, they were not only able to run scooter racing on the main track, but also in a reverse format (nobody does that!!). It was certainly good to find out that the track officials were open to new uses during such a unique event.

And the highlighted event, the 160 Le Mans race, was amazing. Imagine the sound of 40+ race bikes with teacup sized pistons firing up in unison to full revolutions and powering down the straightaway at a spry 90mph… Truly a once in a lifetime weekend, you can see more photos from our weekend at our brand new flickr page.