Put Up Or Shut Up, Scooter Buildoff, Results and Photos are In

The High Rollers Weekender takes place in Las Vegas, NV each year to kick off the scooter rally season. The past two years it has also hosted the Put Up Or Shut Up scooter buildoff. A buildoff competition that gives scooter mechanics and enthusiasts a chance to strut their stuff, build and customize some of the most unique and stunning bikes out there. What’s at stake in this competition? More then $800 in free gift certificates towards Corazzo gear and the title of Best Build!

The creators of this great event come from Portland, OR.
Here’s some background of the Build Off from Rudy of the Lucky Bastards Scooter Club.
We originally came up with the idea in 2008 to hold an event that would allow scooter builders in the USA to showcase their restoration and building skills. By October, the Put Up or Shut Up Vintage Scooter Build Off was launched. Although several teams register each year there is always a chance their build won’t be completed in time for the judging. That’s the chance you take to hold the buildoff title.
Click here to check out photos of the winners and runners up from 2009 and here for 2010!

The categories have slightly changed since 2008, and the rules were fine-tuned for this years big event, but the competition remains the same. Restore or build a vintage scooter in 6 months, and your team could go down in Las Vegas history.

Put Up Or Shut Up Scooter Build-Off Categories:
1. Vintage Stock Restoration

Participants in this category will present restorations that have been restored to “original” condition; to either factory or dealer specifications. This includes original colors/paint schemes, stock engines, period correct accessories are allowed.
This Years Stock Restoration Winner is….
Kristian Storli of Bar Itailia Classics in Van Nuys, CA. Kristian and his team restored a beautiful T3 150 Super Vespa.
Bar Italia Classics: Bar Italia Classic Restoration 150 super VespaBar Italia Classics: Bar Italia Classic Restoration 150 super Vespa

2. Custom

This category will showcase scooters that have been re-built with modern upgrades. Including engine and performance upgrades, custom bodywork and paint.
This Years Custom Winner is…
Rudy Perez of The Lucky Bastards Scooter Club in Portland, OR. Rudy put together a custom themed bike called “Death Proof”. Designed with the Tarantino movie in mind. This bike began it’s vegas life in 2005 as this fuzzy monster…
Death Proof Bike: Rudy Perez's death Proof BikeDeath Proof Bike: Rudy Perez’s Death Proof Bike
So after a few years sitting idle, Rudy’s team turned the fuzzy mess into this custom 1958 LI 125 winning him 1st place.

3. No Limits

In this category participants will exhibit radically customized projects. Including body modifications, custom paint, and fabrication. Anything goes in this category.
This Years No Limits Winner is…
Hank Norush of Tucson, AZ. Hank wasn’t alone in creating this super custom 1959 VBA 150. He installed the awesome air ride suspension system which raises and lowers the bike, but he had help with several aspects of building his unique vision to completion. The upholstery throughout the inside leg-shield and seat were installed by Carlos Gonzalas of Top Line Upholstery; the custom hood ornament was fabricated by Nicholas Burke; exhaust system and overall inspiration to make the bike came from his friend “Dirty” Dave. Although Hank hasn’t found the right name for this beauty yet, many rally goers in Vegas called it the “green dragon”.
Green Dragon Bike: Vespa 150cc Green Dragon Bike: Vespa 150cc

4. The Mulligan

We’ve added this new category for participants who were unable to finish their projects for the 2009 Build Off.
An honorable mention and entrant in the Mulligan category…
Honorable MentionHonorable Mention

Congrats to all the winners of 2010! And good luck to anyone who competes next year.