Camp Scoot 10 – Albuquerque, NM

For 10 years scooter enthusiasts from all over the US have been descending on Albuquerque for Camp Scoot. Riders from San Diego, Colorado, Arizona and Salt Lake landed at Camp Scoot 10 ready for some of the most beautiful scooter rides around. Thursday night the group met up in Downtown Albuquerque at the Blackbird Buvette. A little rain didn’t slow anyone down and bikes filled the street while people caught up inside over great food and cold drinks.

Friday morning at Blue Smoke Garage everyone gathered and loaded their gear in the support trucks and got ready for the 70+ mile ride to the campsite. By 11:30 the peloton of scooters was on the road. By 4pm most of the campsites were set up and people were ready to get out of the sun and have some cold beverages.

Friday night a small group of riders headed out on the Tunnel Ride. It was an easy 30-mile ride that follows the Guadeloupe River through spectacular canyons and tunnels along a historical logging railroad route.

Saturday riders blasted off on an epic ride covering over 150 miles from the famous Jemez Red Rocks through the Valles Caldera National Preserve (also known as the Valle Grande-the remains of a volcano that erupted 1.25 million years ago) to Los Alamos, home of the Atomic Bomb, back around into the mountains and down through switchbacks and hairpin back turns back to the camp site.

Later on Saturday there was Beer Bungee, Gymkhana and other jackassery involving making a fool of your self while others pointed and laughed. And of course the highly anticipated raffle. This year’s raffle was a good one. On top of all the great donations from sponsors like Corazzo, the Pharaohs Scooter Club and Blue Smoke Garage teamed up and provided a 1979 PX125Vespa. The club bought the bike and cleared its title while Blue Smoke rebuilt the engine, which ended up being bumped up to a stock 150, and painted the bike in a glorious metallic blue.

If you think this year was a 10, just wait. Next year, we go to 11!