Corazzo steps up racing sponsorships in 2009

Corazzo, a Portland, Oregon based company that makes riding apparel and accessories for people who ride in an urban environment, is pleased to announce and congratulate the riders and series that we have sponsored this year. After four years of sponsoring the OMRRA 250 Vintage class, we are proud to partner with the five time OMRRA champion Alan Schmidt, 14 year old OMRRA racer, Devon Mcdonough, a great young talent, and the Polini USA Cup race series which began spring of 2009.

Devon's RideDevon's Ride

Alan Schmidt began his illustrious career nearly three decades ago, consistently growing his skills and track record, such that during 2007, Alan dominated in every class championship and overall championship he was involved in. He not only established the lead in each and every premier class in both organizations he competed on each of their first weekends, winning every race, and relentlessly stretched out the lead in every class straight through to the last round, where he won them all. Alan is the five-time champion in the OMRRA Championship series as of this year, and current champ of the WMRC series as well. Alan won a staggering number of 33 races on his way to seven class championships and two overall series championships, making him quite a success story all around. Alan and his wife wear Corazzo when they are out and about riding through British Columbia.

DevonDevon Devon Mcdonough has been racing as long as we’ve known the Mcdonough family. He began on pocketbikes in 2004, transitioning to 85GP, and he quickly took on the full expert 125GP grid; he has shown the poise, judgment and skill of someone far beyond his 14 years of life experience. Watching him learn the craft of racing and growing into his own on the track has been great. These days, he rarely finishes off the podium.

Although neither of these two riders can be seen in the US’s most exciting scooter, moped, and minibike race series, the Polini USA Cup, you can expect to see great riders at the Tom Dash Memorial Speedway in Atwater California during the final two races of the season’s five race series. You can catch the races live on MopedTV the day of, but check out the footage of the first 3 races if you want to catch a glimpse of what you’re in for. Scooter racing enjoys huge success in Europe and with the challenging times upon us, scooter racing is fast becoming an exciting alternative to big bikes, all the thrills and spills for about 1/20th the cost.

“Motorsport is at the heart of innovation in our industry”, said Corazzo’s President Bradford Duval, “…from new technologies in armor, materials and integration of sophisticated electronics into riding gear, today’s motorsport is where one can see what will be on the street next year. With our products focused on classic design, motorsport is one of the best ways for us to keep up to date with all the available modern technology and materials that give our style a solid technical backing.”

Aside from the technical aspect, the team at Corazzo is constantly thrilled by the daring and intrepid efforts of our sponsored riders, and all of the Competitors in the 2009 Polini Cup races.