Did someone say Scooter Adventurer?

All of us over here at Corazzo love a good roadtrip, that is for sure. But, few of us have used the roadtrip as a medium to propagate a message so very important to all of us. We’ll be helping three New Yorkers chronicle their journey down the eastern seaboard to let the world know the benefits of..

…Travelling by scooter!

They’ll be recording every bit of the trip, incorporating great tidbits on trip planning, gear, maintenance, other good practices, and anything else they pick up along the way. These Adventurers hope to contribute the knowledge gained to scooterists across the states (and beyond) to help spread the word and encourage more people to go by scooter.

We were so impressed by this that we had to make sure that they were fully equipped for their adventure!

Here’s one of the first videos from the intrepid Scooter Adventurers