Dirtiest Jacket Ever, Beaten By Tech Wash

We found the dirtiest Corazzo Jacket we could, and tested Nikwax’s Tech Wash on it.

We were speechless! See for your self…
Dirty Jacket: I heart my CorazzoDirty Jacket: I heart my Corazzo

Dirty Jacket 2The time has come to

Dirty Jacket 3Wash it!

Dirty Jacket 4Dirty Collar

We couldn’t believe this was the same jacket!

Clean Jacket 2A Clean Jacket

Clean Jacket 1Collar after Tech Washing

We now have several items from the Nikwax line of cleaning and waterproofing agents such as Tech Wash (Cleaning), TX Direct Spray-On(Waterproofing) and Wash-In(Waterproofing), Softshell Proof Spray-On (Waterproofing), and Glove Proof (Waterproofing). Each of these products were chosen to help you improve and maintain the water repellent qualities of our gear, as well as the breathability and life of our jackets overall.