East Coast Classic Scooter Rally

The East Coast Classic Scooter Rally is a mega-bitchin’ vintage-centric assortment of various clubs getting together to throw down the ultimate rally throughout the Mid Atlantic region. This year, the 2nd ever ECC, scooterists came in droves to this boardwalk adventure to catch an all around great time with friends and club mates in one spot, rather than attend several during the rally season on the east coast. Clubs such as The Boston Stranglers and Hostile City represented as well as scooterists from NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, RI and more.

ECC Events take place in and around typical Wildwood “Jersey shore” locations where one might catch a glimpse of a Snooki look a like, buy a T-shirt that reads, “Gettin’ Dirty in Jersey” or “My Weiner Does Tricks” and eat such fantastic fare as deep fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, ice cold vanilla custard, or one of Maui Dog’s ridiculously awesome culinary hot dog feats! Attendees choose to stay in a variety of places: The “party til you puke central headquarters” Aquarius Motor Inn, or the more low key “we have kids” Starlux.

No matter where one stayed or spent their time and money around the boardwalk, beach, or pool, the end result is the same: a quintessential Scooter Rally that has all of the token rally elements imbedded in a very unique massive rally attack! The events began with an off the chart registration that went long into the early morning hours fed well by music and mayhem. Saturday was a never-ending blast of excitement from a huge breakfast, scavenger hunt, kick ass ride, pool party, dinner extraordinaire, and to top it all off one of the finest awards and raffles to boot! Kick- ass raffle prizes came from such sponsors as: On Guard, Fulmer Helmets, Piston Ported, Corazzo, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Sourpuss. The Saturday night dance party lasted until Sunday and Sunday became Monday for some…this rally tends to take on attendees from Thursday to Monday!!!

So, in essence, ECC is not just any rally…it’s a chance to get down and dirty with old and new friends in a “ no rules” locale that does not lose its irony for most. Check out ECC in 2013 for more rowdy adventures and excitement that will last long into the Summer.