Go Go Scooter Racer!

Scooter racing has lately been the (two-stroke) buzz all around Portland lately. We want to do everything we can to encourage all interested riders to get involved with their local kart tracks, even raceways to get their own local chapter…

lambretta scooter racing…of NASRA. Information on the Pacific Northwest’s local Scooter Racing chapter can be found here: PSRA And as you might have already figured out, the racing doesn’t stop at these clubs, and you can be racing too! Even mopeds are out on the tarmac — Polini has put together the Polini Cup.

Portland’s own Ptown Scooters and PSRA were able to negotiate with Portland International Raceway to run not only a race during the national vintage races hosted by AHRMA, they were also able to get PIR to reformat the track to be scooter friendly (something they have never done before).

Grassroots efforts to get the scooter and moped racing in the Pacific Northwest have made some serious progress and you, fellow scooter or moped racer, can do it too. Get involved in the local race scene, contact your local tracks, get your clubs excited — get out there and race!

Here’s another video of what you could be doing too: