Heated Vest, Battery Pack and Controller Instructions

The heaters in this vest have a low power consumption (less than 3.5amps) coupled with high heating efficiency. The efficient heating is the result of high technology designed heaters that provide conductive and infrared energy to optimally heat the body on cold days.

The heaters are strategically located on both sides of the chest area and in the back to maximize the heating effect. By confining the heating to these areas it increases the body core temperature and makes the complete body feel warm. This provides more efficient heating than spreading the energy over a large area.

The vest heaters provide very rapid heat up so one can feel the temperature increase as soon as the power is applied. Wear the vest as your second layer of clothing over a shirt and under sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

***A snug fit promotes better heat transfer to your body***

Operation and Precautions

Warning: The Heated Vest is designed to be used with some type of temperature control. If the full voltage is applied to the vest from a vehicle it can over heat and cause burns to the skin! **Before each use of the vest make sure that the heaters lie flat in the pockets without folds and creases.

Care should be taken to lower the temperature of the heaters before they get warm enough to cause a skin burn.

Do not pull directly on the cord when disconnecting the plugs. Hold the housing of the connector when connecting or disconnecting the cords to avoid breaking the wires or damaging the plug.

Remove the heaters before washing the vest. After washing re-insert the heater carefully into the pockets. The heater must lie flat without folds and creases. Folds and creases feel uncomfortable and cause hot spots.

The vest has two zippers on each side so they can be opened or closed to provide a comfortable fit plus an elastic panel in the back to pull the heater against your back.

Cleaning instructions
1.Remove the heaters from the vest before washing. The washing operation may damage the heaters.
2.Hand wash vest only in cold or warm water.
3. Do not iron.

After washing reinsert the heaters carefully into the pockets. The heater must lie flat without folds and creases. Folds and creases feel uncomfortable and cause hot spots.

Single Zone Heat Controller Instructions

Various temperature levels can be selected by pressing the button which is located under the round circle of the Overlay. Each time the button is pressed LED lights will indicate which of the 5 heat levels is selected. The 6th time it is pressed will turn off the power and the selection can start again. The button can also be held down for 3 seconds and the LED’s will dim for night operation. Hold it down again for 3 seconds will return it to Daylight operation. The Heat Controller has a convenient clip to attach it to a belt, pocket, or straps.

Battery Pack Specifications and Instructions

The Battery Pack is designed to fit into the internal pocket of the vest.

Nominal Voltage: 11.1V Rated Capacity: 4400mAh Charging Voltage: 12.6V Max Charging Current: 2.5A Max Discharging Current: 3.5A Cut Off Voltage: 6.9V

* To maximize battery life, fully charge prior to initial use.
Battery must be charged with appropriate charger only.
Do not leave battery in charger over 24 hours.
Do not surpass the charging current: 2.5A
Do not surpass the charging voltage: 12.6V
Do not surpass the discharging current: 3.5A

Do not expose battery pack to heat or dispose of in fire.
Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.
Avoid shorting the battery.
Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.
Do not disassemble or deform the battery.
Do not immerse in water.
Do not use the battery mixed with other batteries with different type, or model
Keep out of the reach of children.
Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

Store the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area.
Do not leave an over-discharged battery for a long time. Make sure the battery will have some charge when in storage. It is better to charge and discharge the battery for a cycle when you store the battery for longer than 3 months.

1. Insert 2.5mm DC plug end of charger into battery pack
2. Plug AC power cord into a properly rated AC outlet (110v)
3. LED on charger will be GREEN when battery is charged
4. LED on charger will be RED if battery needs charging
5. Depending on battery level, time is 4-6 hours to fully charge