Hey All You Turkeys, It’s Scoot For Turkey Time!

Scoot for Turkeys2Scoot for Turkeys2Ever since Corazzo has known the good people at Erico Motorsports in Denver, we have been blown away by their dedication to supporting their local community. Every year they organize multiple rides and events throughout the year to support great causes. Just this past spring, Erico asked Corazzo to team up to help someone who needed a leg up in life, a new scooter and full riding gear.

This fall their community awareness and support continues with the Scoot For Turkeys ride on November 14th. The goal is to get as many turkeys, twin blankets and gloves as possible to donate to the Samaritan House, a shelter that houses 325 men, women, and children and keeps the light on for the less fortunate. There are contests for the best Turkey costume, the most turkeys brought on a scooter, a big raffle and giveaways.

Good for you Erico Motorsports, for inspiring riders to do good for their local community, Corazzo is proud to stand by you in all your efforts.

Scoot for TurkeysScoot for Turkeys