Hip to Be Square Rally Overview




A night time ride around downtown Houston left from Cottonwood’s after 7pm to enjoy the lights and bars of the big city, from the Refinery through the Heights and Montrose districts to West Alabama Ice House. Estimated 40 scooterists joined in the fun.

H2B2-7 Space Shuttle.img_assist_custom-759x427

On Saturday several different events were offered. For those wanting to see the famous Texas Wildflowers, we had a North ride to the Hill Country, taking 15 participants. For those who wished to experience Houston’s Space City heritage, a South ride took 12 through the back roads to the NASA Johnson Space Center to visit Mission Control and see the Shuttle. For those wanting to stay in town, we had a photo scavenger hunt in and around downtown to introduce unique Houstonian spots to our visitors. Places like the Orange Show, Super Happy Fun Land, the Water Wall, and many others. An added bonus was given for riders who wore costumes while on the hunt.

Saturday evening we all convened at Mugsy’s, a quaint little bar in the heart of downtown Houston. Scavenger hunters submitted their photos and and costumes for judging while the rest of the riders enjoyed Happy Hour pricing.

Sunday began with breakfast provided by Apollo Scooter at their Richmond location. The gymkhana and slow race courses were set up and several riders competed in heated and fun races to win the awards given. A People’s Choice Scooter contest was also held, and when a tie resulted, it was settled through Rock, Paper, Scissors!

The raffle prizes were handed out to a very excited crowd, and everyone was pleased at the selection of items. Some even made side deals to trade for that one special item they’d been eyeing…

The rally concluded with lots of tired, happy people and promises to return next year. At the beginning we had expected upwards of 50 people to attend – we ended the weekend with 70 rally participants!

Next year will be bigger, better and more spectacular!


Rally Organizers – Jaylin Billig, Jo Ann and Chuck Smith