Keep Your Corazzo Clean and Water Repellent With Nikwax

Many people ask us what is the best way to clean and maintain our jackets? Well, rest easy, you don’t have to dryclean your Corazzo; all you need is Nikwax waterproofing and garment cleaning products. Corazzo is proud to be able to offer Nikwax products to our customers.

Why choose Nikwax? The most important reason is Nikwax works! Their products will significantly increase the performance of our gear by increasing both water repellency and breathability! The products we choose to work side by side with our garments and gear are truly environmentally friendly and do not contain fluorocarbons.

Just as we are constantly striving to bring our customers the best, Nikwax is always looking for ways to bring better products to it’s customers through their R & D department, which employs more PhD’s than all other waterproofing companies combined. You are getting the very best.

Nikwax GroupNikwax Group

We now have several items from the Nikwax line of cleaning and waterproofing agents such as Tech Wash (Cleaning), TX Direct Spray-On(Waterproofing) and Wash-In(Waterproofing), Softshell Proof Spray-On (Waterproofing), and Glove Proof (Waterproofing). Each of these products were chosen to help you improve and maintain the water repellent qualities of our gear, as well as the breathability and life of our jackets overall.