Leather Anyone?

The new Corazzo 5.0 Leather jacket, and Enzo gloves are now available.

The Leather 5.0 is a take on its now famous Cordura 5.0 cousin. The Leather 5.0 features reflective strips in all the key places with removable CE rated armor by Knox. The Leather 5.0 is built from top quality cowhide. This is one jacket that will stand the test of time.

The stunning simple design works and turning up to your favorite destination looking this good is always a bonus. The Leather 5.0 from Corazzo is priced competitively at only $399.

To complement your choice of leather you can always choose a pair of Enzo gloves. The Enzo’s come perforated and offer true protective qualities. The Enzo features reinforced knuckles and are constructed from a combination of leather and kevlar. Priced at only $49.00

If you’ve been waiting for our Coffee Jackets to arrive, they are back in stock! Coffee and scootering go together but one must find a way to carry their favorite beverage. The solution is Corazzo’s Coffee Jacket. Priced at only $9.00

Corazzo, truly cool Urban Riding Gear.

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