Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’ 4 – Denver, CO

There was a Lil’ Somethin’ in Denver once again, for the 4th time as a matter of fact. It wasn’t really a scooter rally, it was just a Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’ that the Rival Gang, The Highland Hooligans, DMBK and The Bottle Rocket Scooter Club threw together. There was somethin’ or more from Thursday, August 16–to Sunday August 19th.

It started with a meet and greet on Thursday night with 60 or more scoots and grew from there.

The next morning there was a mountain ride up through Golden Gate Canyon, into Black Hawk and back into Denver during the day and then we all met for FREE rally packs and Bar-B-Q before a nighttime city ride and more refreshments.

Saturday was a sausage fest and the second annual Tour De Scoot Rally Cross World Champion of the WORLD (It’s not a race….) BIG SUCCESS!

Saturday night was good times and another evening ride and MORE refreshments….

Then on Sunday we had a gymkhana and a ride from Denver to Golden; the police only stopped us one time! Once our representatives talked to the officer they were kind enough to radio ahead our route and we were allowed to continue on en mass. It was AWESOME! This ride ended with a day of prizes. We had WONDERFUL sponsors including Corazzo Gear. We made a fine young lady very happy that day when she took home a 1958 Blue Sexy VNA scooter!