Maxi Scoot Meet Up 2012 – Lewisburg, PA

Many Maxi Scoot riders met for the first time at the Maxi Scoot Meet Up in Lewisburg, PA the first weekend in September. While they ride all kinds of bikes one thing is true, they really ride ‘em. One rider came all the way from California! Others traveled from around the US and Canada to join in the fun.

Rally goers stayed at Steel Steeds Campground and highly recommend this site to anyone. The owners of this campground love all things two-wheeled and the setting on the Susquehanna River is gorgeous.

Rain was off and on as the rally weekend capped the tail end of Hurricane Issac’s big storms, but we got all our rides in with no issue. In fact Friday’s ride was fantastic! The roads we took in Pennsylvania were marvelous. First we headed across the farm valleys then up into the State Forests, we stopped for lunch at Kettle Creek State Park, and even saw a hitchhiking bear on the ride.

The following day, we were up and at it early to make the trip to Centralia, a once thriving town that is now a genuine “ghost town”. Believe it or not, a fire has been burning beneath the town for over 50 years. On May 27, 1962, the firefighters, as they had in the past, set the dump on fire and let it burn for some time. Unlike in previous years, however, the fire was not fully extinguished. An unsealed opening in the pit allowed the fire to enter the labyrinth of abandoned coalmines beneath Centralia.”

The burning coalmines of Centralia were described by David DeKok, in his book Unseen Danger: A Tragedy of People, Government, and the Centralia Mine Fire (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1986) as “a world where no human could live, hotter than the planet Mercury, its atmosphere as poisonous as Saturn’s. At the heart of the fire, temperatures easily exceeded 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lethal clouds of carbon monoxide and other gases swirled through the rock chambers.”

People who lived in Centralia began to leave as the ground beneath continued to burn on for decades, swallowing things around them. In 1981 more than 1000 people lived there, but by 2005 the number sank to 12, and has even dropped since then.

As we rode out away from the burning town of Centralia we took advantage of a quick ride through several covered bridges in the area. It was a great way to end our historic ride.

One of the Maxi Scoot Forum members’ has a daughter who rides is headed to college, so the Maxi Scoot group awarded her with the Official Corazzo Messenger bag and gloves. Thanks a million to Corazzo for their continued support of all things two wheeled!

Next year the Maxi Scoot Meet Up will be held in Cumberland Falls, KY. Forum managers and members like the idea of moving the rally around to differing spots to open the meet up to as many forum members as possible.