Meltdown Scooter Rally; the “Last Scooter Rally Ever”

Camp Hill, PA
Written by Svend Sheppard

The Rally itself is held at Fred’s campground in a very picturesque river valley in Camp Hill, PA. Friday night was a rock ‘n bowl Meet ‘n Greet held at the Coliseum where there was Atomic bowling and plenty of great food, drinks and conversation for all!

Saturday started off with a little Atomic Breakfast and Coffee shipped in for everyone to enjoy. Scooterist continued to arrive from as far away as Connecticut, New York, Kentucky and all over Pennsylvania and Maryland. The group could be seen riding in on a good mix of auto and vintage scooters as Meltdown 2012 “the last scooter rally ever” (due to the pending Mayan apocalypse) continued to take shape. Registration was up and running by 7am, believe it or not people standing in line for their Meltdown swag and memorabilia bags. Many sponsors were located in the quad area where attendees could see the latest and greatest scooters, gear, and other scooter items.

At 11am SHARP three ride-outs began. First, Ride A – The Perry County Blue Mountain ride, for scooters 125cc and larger. A group of 81 scooters strong took off on the 90-mile trip. They had a lunch stop at Colonel Denning State Park where 30 pizzas, tons of soda and water were delivered to them. Ride B – The A-tom-i-cal Secret Ride – where 30 or more, small displacement scooters, mopeds and “new” group riders got to see a beautiful view of the Yellow Breeches Creek area. They also had a lunch stop in the middle of their ride, this time at creek side where 15 pizzas and plenty of beverages were delivered. Then there was Ride C – The Organic Scooter ride where 33 Vintage Scooters took off on a ride into Apple Valley with a lunch stop at a local restaurant.

Back at the site some four hours later things got back into the scooter rally swing with the apocalypse Gymkhana, the head chopping, and the “flaming wall of death”. The Flaming Wall of Death was Riley Schillaci’s fire blowing show. After a few heads rolled and scooterists where burnt up, we moved to the slow ride where the slowest scoot wins. After several heats and winner found, we moved into the Nuclear Secret Race, which proved again this year to be a “match maker”. This time a Father and Son team won it!

After the fun and games it was time for another catered event, Fred’s Barbeque with all the trimings and some complimentary Pennsylvania brew for sure! As the evening wore on Mayan Temple Trophies, designed and made by Scooter Charlie, were giving away for:
•Rat Bike (is that heap safe?) – Tim the wrecker
•Best Vintage (25 years or older) – Michelle’s beautiful 60’s GL
•Best Of Show, Modern – Loren beautifully painted LX
•Best Of Show, Moped – Son Casale and his Moped of dreams
•Nuclear Club Award – Award based on club presentation Campsite, club theme, rally theme, dress, creativity during games, etc… winner – Royal Bastards Philly Chapter
•Atomic Gymkhana Winner – Paul from NJ
•Secret rally game winner – VCOA Chris and Son
•Atomic Turtle Slow Race Winner – Paul from NJ (yup Paul from NJ took home two)

Then onto the raffle, which proved to be one of our best with much thanks to Corazzo for their support! Following the awards and prizes, we got our evening entertainment started off correctly. Riley once again amazed us with her Sword Swallowing (19” of metal) and her bed of nails performance. Wouch!

The Passionettes, a girl-fronted band, continued the evening’s fun by performing well-known hits and some hidden gems from the 1960’s. They rocked the stage! As the evening wore on and scooterist continued with the good times, a 125 foot Slip‘N Slide was set up and placed on the hillside next to the creek. Those who joined in on the Slip’n Slide fun, including the sponsors, had plenty of fun.

Sunday arrived all too soon and after yet another Atomic Breakfast scooterists began to pack up, but not to bid their farewells just yet. Another ride-out headed on to visit the TMISC namesake. The destination was Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, with a stop en route at Pennsylvania’s Capital Building in Harrisburg, PA.

Many thanks to all the Sponsors and Club members, without their support, time and hard work this weekend could simply not happen!

Photo Info:
Who should get credit for taking the photo? TMISC’s very own Batman
Do you have their permission? Yes
What is their email?!/Batman96
Who is in the photo? Keith Horning, sporting his new Corazzo bag and Gloves! Note he is wearing his Meltdown 2010 Shirt! This is our 9th Meltdown Rally so our Members have many shirts…. it just keeps getting better!
Please supply any additional credits you would like mentioned in your write-up here? Our Godfather of Scoot Roland Henry for without him all things are not possible!