The New Stone Turiste Trenchcoat

Introducing the Corazzo Stone Ladies Trench or Turiste Trenchcoat as we like to call it. If you thought it looked sexy in black, just take a look at the stone.

The Turiste Trenchcoat is a statement in fashion. Cut above the knee, double breasted, off centered zipper. Smart, professional, sexy.

Technically speaking the Turiste Trenchcoat is an all purpose jacket that includes removable armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. The Turiste Trenchcoat is made from waterproof-breathable fabric that is also abrasion resistant. The belt is piped with 3m reflective materials for nighttime visibility. The Corazzo Turiste Trenchcoat is both function and fashion working in harmony. Mrs.Peel would have been proud. The Corazzo Turiste Trenchcoat is now available in two colors, stone or black.

Priced at $249.00