New York Scooter Club Block Party 2012

Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth: these are the seven deadly sins of mankind. But they are nothing compared to the New York Scooter Club Block Party of 2012. This free scooter event is all about getting to know your fellow scooterists and riding, riding, riding your scooter. Rally goers expected great rides, music, food, beer, patches, t-shirts, a slow race, and a raffle of epic proportions. They would not be disappointed!

Riders gathered at THE BRASS MONKEY (55 Little West 12th Street, New York, NY) for an escort to VESPA BROOKLYN’s meet and greet. Breakfast was served up, swag was handed out, and raffle tickets were sold to hopeful riders. Perhaps some were hopeful that they would win the coveted Corazzo messenger bag or a new pair of gloves.

After polishing off most of the grub, scooter enthusiasts departed on one of two rides: a scenic ride along both banks of the Hudson River with a short stop in Piermont, NY for lunch, or a fun filled ride to the iconic Coney Island for sun, sand, surf, amusement park rides, and Nathan’s Famous hotdogs.

By 5pm, both rides met up at SCOOTER BOTTEGA for the Block Party. The evening raged on with great company, food, drinks, and DJs rocking the night away. Riders cheered along the slowest rider in the slow race and screamed for more tickets to be called as the raffle prizes were awarded to the lucky.

The real prize, however, was the annual tradition of riding to Manhattan, around the West side, and into spectacular Times Square. This ride is always surreal: lights, city noises, and the smell of two-stroke oil fills the air.

All the excitement of the day winds up at the scooterist-owned CROWN VICTORIA bar. Let’s just say there were more than a few bikes left at the secure parking lot overnight. The block party succeeded in reaching all seven deadly sins, but if you missed a few you can join us next year.