Niagara Rally 2012 # 28 – Lunatic Frenzy Scooter Club

May 18th – 21st, 2012
This year marked the 28th year of the Niagara Scooter Rally, and as usual a great time was had by all. Niagara is one of the longest continuously running scooter rallies on the east coast, and one of the longest in Canada for sure. Four more years to the “pearl necklace”, no joke. The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is a pearl necklace.

This year we went back to our roots, and the rally was held at Knight’s Hideaway in Fort Erie, where the rally was held in year 5. Good thing they have new owners who did not know we got kicked out in 1989. We had a great turn out, and most went “old school” and actually rode to the rally.

The most unusual thing about the weekend was the weather… it was almost 30 degrees Celsius all weekend. For our US friends, I think in Fahrenheit that converts to “damn hot” or 86 degrees). Other than that, it was the usual raucous revelry.

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors, especially Corazzo, because with their continuous support our swag giveaways are always top-notch. This year, in fact, we had such great contributions, that it enabled us to give away a gift to each and every attendee. Thanks Corazzo!

Rally write-up was written by Rich Easton
Thanks to David Wide for the photos.