Nothing like looking good and saving the environment…

We all know that, as riders, we’ve got the upper-hand in sustainability. Our scooters and motorcycles not only get phenomenal mileage, emit less pollutants per gallon than any car, and take up less road space —

Corazzo, now 100% Sustainable!

they also help us minimize our carbon footprint in style! So Team Corazzo wants you to know what else you’re doing to help the green cause.

One of the most important concepts of sustainability is the idea of making sure everything we use throughout our day lasts. And especially that those things last a long, long time. So for all of you that rock the 5.0, Tempeste, or Speedway jackets (and the original Corazzo Jackets too!), well done, you have made one more step in being a sustainable member of a greener world.

Why is this so, you might ask?? Well, the materials used to make your jacket abrasion resistant and stylish, also known as Cordura®, are very, very long lasting.

The kind folks at say, “It’s simple, really. Products made with CORDURA® fabrics are long-lasting. And long-lasting products need to be replaced less often. Reducing waste. Which is good for you and Mother Nature. Plus, we offer durable fabrics made with recycled materials. And support outdoor programs and community environmental initiatives throughout the world.”

So, could it get any better than that? Green minded, long lasting, and even carbon offsetting, just by riding with the shield!

Oh, and don’t worry Leather 5.0 wearers, your jackets last just as long, so you’re doing great too!

Happy Earth Day from Team Corazzo!

And don’t forget to recycle!