Orlando Scooter Society’s Snowbird Classic II

Each year, the rally season lingers on with the Orlando Scooter Society’s Snowball Classic in Sorrento, FL. More than 50 scooter riders from all regions of Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, and Kissimmee, came to rally in the warm weather climate and celebrate their scooter passions. This year’s festivities kicked off with the meet-n-greet and rally swag handouts at Wekiva Falls KOA Resort. The club members surprised each guest with a free, randomly-chosen gift from their sponsors.

Once most travelers were accounted for, the gang of scooter enthusiasts took off on the dinner ride to Sanford. Sanford sits on the southern shore of Lake Monroe at the head of navigation on the St. Johns River. It is home to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and is only 20 miles from Orlando.

After the ride and dinner, the group rode back to camp to hang out and continue partying with old friends. With some folks staying up late the night before, the club didn’t kick off Saturday activities until the ride to the Crazy Gator. The Gator is a notoriously good spot for eating wings, steaks and southeastern fare, but its lakeside proximity is what brings the people in the door.

Corazzo Winner.img_assist_custom-275x366

With full bellies, riders took off to try their best at the gymkhana course and other games. The gymkhana games were set up in a sandy field, which made riding interesting, but no damage was done to any scooters or riders! There was a skills/obstacle course, a slow race, and a game called “hot potato”. In the game of hot potato, 5 rider & passenger teams ride in a circle around a pile of hay. On “Stop”, the passengers hop off to dive in the hay to find one of the hidden potatoes. The game continues with each round having one 1 less potato than teams until one team wins.

The games and rides weren’t over yet; riders re-gathered at Wekiva Falls Resort before heading to dinner at the Swamp House Grill & Tiki Bar. What a place!

“The Swamp House River Front Grill and the Happy Snapper Tiki Bar are perched overlooking the beautiful and historic St. Johns River in DeBary, Florida. This amazing river looks as natural today as it did 150 years ago when this area was the southern destination of choice for America’s more adventurous well-to-do.” Now it’s a casual hangout for all to enjoy great food and great views. That’s just what our scooter crowd did

With spirits high, the scooter group returned to camp to dish out the awards and party down. Awards were given to outstanding riders for the furthest traveled, which went to Ken Quillen, Best Shifter to Kieran Walsh, and Gymkhana Winner to Jessee Kritz. The rider with the Best Twist-n-Go won the Corazzo prize pack, the club with the most riders in attendance was Tampa 2 Stroke and, finally, People’s Choice went to Leigh Stones.

With the charge of newly handed-out prizes and gifts, the party continued on long into Saturday night, maybe even Sunday morning. All that was left on Sunday was to drag yourself out of camp to go to the farewell breakfast supplied by Vespa Orlando and Einstein Bros. Bagels.

All in all, the weather was nice, which made for perfect riding and camping throughout the weekend. The rides were scenic and traveled down gently curving roads along beautiful lakefronts, past fancy houses and picturesque wooded areas. The evenings were filled with fun and the rally was a success. Next year we’re planning our rally to be in town and plan to alternate in-town and camping each year in the future. We hope to see all you snowbirds again next year for another round of rally fun.