The Nomad

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  • Weatherproof bag to store personal items
  • Weatherproof window pocket with fingertip connectivity to display a phone when riding
  • Velcro closure with extra clip to secure contents
  • Wide opening to access items easily
  • Adjustable straps that snap around wing mirrors of any bike to hold the bag in the perfect position
  • Clips to release the bag from the hanging straps
  • Convenient carry handle

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Here at Corazzo HQ we are always looking for practical and inexpensive storage solutions to make scootering even more fun.

We thought we’d tackle the scooter storage problem and GPS display in our usual professional manner.

Yeah sure, we could have had a big meeting about it, or employed a marketing think tank at great expense.

Nope, instead we decided to take the day off and go for a group ride.  At the end of the day we gathered together all that extra stuff you take on a ride to  work out what we really needed to conveniently store it in.

It was surprising, the extra bits and pieces we rode with.  Of our group of Corazzomen and Corazzowomen we had lip balm, Phone, GPS, sunglasses, spare glasses, pen, a shopping list, wallet, automatic garage door opener, visor cleaner for helmets, inner gloves, disc lock and reminder, half a muesli bar, and a Bandito neck sock.

After a few weeks of intensive design testing, the Corazzo team had come up with the new NOMAD bag.  Specially designed (and priced) to suit all scooter riders and probably one of the most practical ideas since, well…….…ever!

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  1. James (verified owner)

    Love it, clips well to the mirrors and is easy yo remove. The iPhone worked through the plastic cover with ease, I have a new Suzuki Address and fits it like a glove. Have put a clip on the handle so I can clip it to my belt when shopping or walking around. Fits wallet, Sunny’s reading glasses and still room for other things. Brilliant

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