Put up or Shut up Scooter Buildoff Results and Photos

Rudy and his gorgeous Lowline LambrettaRudy and his gorgeous Lowline LambrettaCorazzo participated as the title sponsor of this year’s Build Off, it was a lot of fun, and we hope to do it again next year. The thousand of hours of work by the competing teams resulted in some stunning machines at Vegas. Special thanks to Rudy for thinking of us.

Some background of the Build Off from Rudy of the Lucky Bastards Scooter Club:

We originally came up with the idea in 2008 to hold a event that would allow builders in the USA to showcase their building skills. The Put Up or Shut Up Vintage Scooter Build Off was launched. Web site hosting and development was sponsored by Paisans.org, art work by Barthlow Design in Eugene Oregon. We had a committee that included fellow scooterist Josh Snow from Bulletproof scooters, Nyle Schafhauser from Jettin Industries and myself. This group was responsible for setting up the rules for the event. Corazzo came on board as our sole sponsor and we were on a roll.

Building started 9/1/2008 and originally 31 teams signed up, as is common with this type of event many builders were unable to complete for a wide range of reasons. The completed scooters debuted in Las Vegas during High Rollers weekend. From the original 31 builders 13 had a scooter for judging.

We’ve received very positive feedback for the event and have had many requests for a second build off in 2010. As soon as the dust settles we plan on setting up a 2nd build off with a easier web site, some new categories, rules and judging criteria. We’re hopeful that we’re establishing the foundation for a yearly event that will continue to highlight some of the talent the USA’s scootering community has to offer.

For a complete set of photos of the winners and runners up please see:
Team PBR's awesome Lambretta DTeam PBR’s awesome Lambretta D