Rock The Gear says, “Corazzo Rocks!”

Some months ago, before many riders were able to ride due to the winter weather, Corazzo asked Brittany Morrow of Rock The Gear to take the Women’s 5.0 for a test ride. Why Brittany you ask? Maybe it was because she has a great attitude about riding, or it could have been her nick name, “Queen of Road Rash”, but mostly it’s because if anyone knows what gear you should be riding with, it’s her.
In 2005 Brittany was involved in a life altering sport bike accident as a passenger, she spent two months in the hospital and received skin grafts over 50% of her body. Sometimes when we hear stories like hers it ultimately ends with a riders struggle to move on, but Brittany not only got on another bike, but has devoted her life to the promotion of motorcycle safety apparel and the education of riders around the world.
Most recently Brittany paired up with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation , to create a web based campaign urging all riders to “Rock the Gear.” is solely funded by the MSF through the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety grant program. The campaign is created, designed, and managed by Brittany and a small dedicated team of professionals and motivated riders.
The mission is simple: to produce a community where information is available, influence is abundant, and the choice to ROCK THE GEAR is supported and rewarded.
To read Brittany’s review of Corazzo’s 5.0 for Women click here.