Scoot-a-que 15 – Columbus, OH

The weekend got off to a great start despite some pretty heavy rain on Friday night.  More than 50 scooterists braved the weather and met up at Capital City Scooters before heading over to the historic single-screen movie theater known as Studio 35.  As this was Scoot A Que’s 15th year, the theme was “Quinceanera”, the Latino “sweet 15”.  Studio 35 had a special showing of the Will Farrell film Casa de mi Padre in honor of our themed rally.

When the film ended and the party broke up, it was still pouring down rain. Many riders had wet trips home, but everyone arrived at their destinations safely to get some rest before Saturday’s big activities.  (Sadly, one of the attendees actually had his Corazzo Shop Jacket stolen from the theater that night…that sucked, but it does show just how coveted Corazzo jackets are!)

Saturday started at the North Market with a big breakfast and over 150 scooters lined up along the street.  Breakfast was followed by a long ride through the country out to The White Swan, a restaurant just outside Prospect, Ohio (which is close to the middle of nowhere).

The weather was perfect for riding as we headed out of Columbus, sunny with scattered white clouds, though after stopping at the White Swan some storm clouds started blowing in quickly so we all high-tailed it back to Columbus. Once back in Columbus we gathered at an artist compound in an old industrial building in the Franklinton neighborhood. Several food-trucks had been reserved to come in and offer all sorts of Latino-inspired fare.

The 170+ attendees then went their separate ways to clean up and regroup before the official Quinceanera dance party at Ace of Cups bar in the north campus neighborhood.  We were raffling off a 1966 Sprint with a custom paint-job, newly rebuilt motor (thanks to Capital City Scooters) with 160cc overbore and a custom seat by Cheeky Seats as well as lots of scooter schwag like the great messenger bag and gloves donated by Corazzo.  All proceeds from the raffle went to Camp Sunrise, a 501c3 charity that helps children affected by HIV.

Oh, and did I mention we hired a mechanical bull for the bar?  Yes, we had a mechanical bull on Saturday night for those brave enough to give it a try.  Eric Martineau showed off his skills by warring a Luchadore mask while riding the bull in his Corazzo Speedway jacket – safety first!  It turned out to be very popular with everyone, but there were lots of bruised egos from those who tried to tame the bull.

Awards and prizes were given out at the end of the night. Lauren Paige Zabelsky (from Pittsburgh, PA) was the winner of the coveted Corazzo Messenger Bag, but many others won prizes too. More than 170 attendees came from Detroit, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Parkersburg WV, Buffalo NY, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

Awards given included standards like Best Vespa, Best Lambretta, and People’s Choice, but we added “Tu Madre” for the Best Daily Rider category (won by Paul Helffrich from the Pittsburgh Vintage Scooter Club). Finally, rather than the traditional “Rally A$$hole” award we went with an award titled “Most Culturally Insensitive.”  The winner of that award was Columbus Cutter David Hart, which he won because when “fixing” his wife’s smallframe’s front brake before the rally, he forgot to put in a cotter pin on the hub nut. So the next day, after his wife Stephanie rode nearly 40 miles on the big ride, when she stopped for gas her front wheel FELL OFF OF HER SCOOTER.  We decided nearly killing your spouse is frowned upon in every culture, so he won!  (We are SOOOO grateful she didn’t get hurt).

Thanks again Corazzo for your support of our rally and the scooter scene throughout the US. All of the venues and other sponsors are listed on our website