Scooter Underground: Above Ground Success

Michael Stevulak, owner of Scooter Underground in Victoria Canada, told douglas magazine about his inspiration behind opening his scooter store and the difficult aspects of putting it all together. It seems working with foreign manufacturers and his own countries transportation regulations has presented many challenges, but those challenges only added fuel to his environmentally friendly fire.

Michael saw a way to be a part of the solution when he opened his store for business in 2007. He sees his store as “an urban transportation store” rather than a scooter shop, and his true excitement lies within being part of an answer to the ever growing environmental and transportation issues that plague the world.

With big dreams, and a “hyper cool” replica of an underground London train station, Scooter Underground has risen to the challenges of mixing fun with a sense of civic duty. Now that’s hard to do!

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Michael Stevulak @ Scooter UndergroundMichael Stevulak @ Scooter Underground