Scooters once again prove urban superiority.

Recently in London, four men had to use no fewer than three cars to get away from their jewel heist. They crashed one and in the few days since, one has been caught and the ever vigilant Bobbys are on the case and with so much evidence they are bound to catch the other three brazen, car addicted thieves, in short order.

Compare that with the recent jewel heist in Geneva, Switzerland; where four men grabbed their fortunes and escaped on scooters. To date there have been no reports of the suspects using multiple scooters in their getaway, no reports of crashing, and to date, none of them have been caught.

Now, we here at Corazzo certainly do not support jewelry heists, but this example of scooter superiority in an urban environment simply cannot be ignored.

If you were planning such an event, and you stood there staring at the Dodge Challenger , salivating at the thought of a big burnout as you split from the crime scene; and right next to it, the Vespa GTS300 Super, and you knew what you know now, which would you choose?

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