Scoots Suits and Boots… “The Norrie Kerr Story”

Corazzo has had an international distribution network for a long time now, and it all became possible because of one very enthusiastic player in the UK, Norrie Kerr. This legendary man has a scooter racing history that rivals no other, and he is one truly cool cat. One of VE-UK’s newest dealers, Scoots Suits and Boots, started their very own newsletter – blog – Zine. Their first issue has an excellent interview with Norrie and here is his story.

Scoots Suits and Boots has launched their new newsletter and blog, and they have some great news, interviews, and stories to share with Corazzo fans. Read Scoots Suits and Boots E-Zine

The Norrie Kerr Story…
The first in a series of interviews with well known characters from within our scene, features the legendary scooter racer and “head honcho” at ve-uk, Norrie Kerr.