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Corazzo Apparel and Accessories

Corazzo Design is now Corazzo Design International, a company owned and operated by the current Australian distributor. Corazzo Design International has acquired a number of major distribution networks including the USA, Australia and the UK. Corazzo Design International will have the rights to distribute and manufacture the Carazzo brand worldwide.

The Corazzo brand comes with a handsome set of credentials. Firstly it is clear that Corazzo apparel and accessories have been designed by riders for riders. Secondly the Corazzo brand has a distinctive style not seen elsewhere. Last of all Corazzo has been built with a level of technology that has riders safety — front of mind.

Susan Walters, Director of Corazzo Design International goes onto say, "Corazzo is a unique riders brand that makes you look and feel good. It sets the standard for protection using a selection of top quality materials. Corazzo Design International will continue on using this philosophy. Every rider deserves technically advanced, fashionable riding apparel".

In the USA, Corazzo Design International will continue to call Portland home and continue to use those creative minds that have helped make Corazzo the iconic brand that it is today. In the UK, Corazzo is distributed by leading supplier VE, the UK’s largest wholesale supplier of scooter spare parts and accessories.

About Corazzo

The Corazzo brand was first conceived by Bradford Duval in the birthplace that is Portland, Oregon. Corazzo designs and manufactures technically advanced riding apparel for people who ride in an urban environment. In short Corazzo created a range of jackets that are just as cool in the coffee shop as they are on your bike.

The Corazzo range now includes an extensive array of riding gloves. Complementary to the riding apparel is a well thought out range of accessories including messenger bags, rainsuits and lap aprons. Never losing touch with its roots, Corazzo continues to develop innovative riding gear. The shield has now been passed, enter Corazzo Design International.

Corazzo Design International is a company owned and operated by Susan Walters a dual US/Australian citizen who resides in Australia. Susan has many years experience working with the Corazzo brand, owns and operates one of the leading scooter outlets in Australia, Scooter Central. Susan is the current distributor for the Corazzo brand in Australia and is easily the market leader outside of the USA.

Susan is being joined by Allen Drysdale who has covered many roles from wholesale, retail and online. Spending 3 years at JSA, Australian distributor for Aprilia and Moto Guzzi, Allen moved on to open his own scooter shop in Sydney featuring a number of the leading brands. After a few years he moved onto developing Australia’s leading scooter news and classified website, Allen now spends his life talking, riding and writing about scooters.

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