The Inspiration Behind The Ramp Test

Just the other day we received this testimonial.

Dear Corazzo,
“Your jacket saved my bacon last night. I went to pick up my fully restored 65′ Lambretta Li 150 Series 3 last night and while I was riding it home the front tire blew. I went into an immediate wobble and lost control. So there I am lying on the street thinking oh shit what am I wearing right now? Luckily I was wearing the Speedway. I got my ass up pulled my bike up and took off my jacket. Where I had impact, the jacket saved me. I had a bit of a raspberry on my elbow which was from friction and a bit of blood jam on my knee but that was it.”

“So I guess your jacket also saved my marriage.”

“The bike was ok – my original innocenti headlight lens was dust and I’ll need a new brake handle. Again, I was lucky.
The reason I checked what I was wearing is because earlier in the day I was wearing a t-shirt while tooling around on my Vespa. I had good common sense to go home an grab my Corazzo. Side note, as I was laying on the ground self-diagnosing myself… I kept thinking that if I broke a bone I hope that lighting would strike me to finish me off. See the thing is that my wife and I are taking our kids to France today for our family vacation and if I came home injured my wife would have killed me.
So I guess your jacket also saved my marriage.
Thanks for all that you do.”

We get so many email testimonials like Marawan’s that we were inspired to try a little abrasion testing one Friday after hours, and you would be shocked.

Since this test was put together as a fun excercise we decided to begin “real” world testing. There will be lots more to come, our first effort: