This track jacket has a serious track record for being cool

The Brezza.
Yuma, AZ
The sun was beating down on the Yuma Mesa just as it has for thousands of years, but this day was rumored to be the day the all-time-high record of 124 degrees F (51C) would be obliterated. The Sky Island Riders had been planning a long distance ride along the Colorado River, into Mexico, all the way to the Gulf of California: a ride they’d never done in heat like this.


The thought of riding in the heat made nearly everyone reconsider, but sitting still in the heat wouldn’t be good either. They decided that they might as well feel the wind in their hair as they sped south. The riders mounted up on their old Indians, Triumphs, and Vespas to head out on the desert roads. They were just waiting for one last companion to arrive.

Theresa was running late today. She was always early, but today she was waiting for something to come in the mail. At 9:18 she heard a knock at the door. “That must be it,” she exclaimed. She quickly signed for her package and tore it open to reveal the newest Corazzo, the Brezza. She ripped open the plastic bag it came in and slung the jacket around her shoulders. It was lightweight and comfortable, but it still had all the important features of a Corazzo. It came equipped with an abrasion-resistant outer shell; armor in the back, elbows, and shoulders; and reflective accents for night riding. But the greatest part was its being fully vented and made of the best breathable material on the planet.

Theresa raced to the meeting point and pulled into the lot just in time to take off on the ride. Since her companions were waiting for her when she pulled in, all eyes were on her and her new Corazzo gear. The girls noticed the stylish “pull-in” waist cinch, while the guys began asking about a men’s version. She explained that the men’s jacket was called the Ventata, but the one she had was just for ladies.

Theresa bragged a bit about the waterproof pockets and the soft-to-touch inner collar trim, and the club was abuzz with excitement. Some even pulled out their smart phones to look it up online at the gas stop hours later. Theresa and the gang had a great ride that day. Most of the group complained of serious dehydration, but Theresa loved it. The wind broke through her new jacket so well that she hardly noticed the heat as they rode through the desert on the hottest day of the year.

Of the possible 4,456 hours of daylight each year, the sun shines in Yuma for roughly 4,174 hours. The Brezza has a serious track record for being cool.