Twist and Gone 2012 – Antisocial Scooter Club

In the spring of 2010, a small group of scooter enthusiasts decided to take their scooters to the track to see exactly what they could do.” The NASRA and the Twist and Gone! event helped to plant the seed for scooter racing to be born in the Midwest and set the stage for one of the best scooter rallies in the country.

“In hosting their third annual Twist and Gone! event, the Antisocial Scooter Club found a way to make a new genre of scooter rally. It’s one that combines the fearless scooter race scene with the traditional campout rally weekend, only this rally was far from the usual weekender that enthusiasts are used to.

This year, changes were made to the race groups and class structures to segment young and old racers into different classes as an effort to make the race safe and challenging to all. Twist and Gone! introduced new rides and the Brown County Convention & Visitors Bureau set rallygoers up with an imaginative scavenger hunt crossword for those who wanted to further explore the area.

The rally kicked off with a meet and greet at the campgrounds and a fantastic ride into Nashville for dinner at the Big Woods Brewery. After dinner, rallygoers headed back to the campsite for bonfires and visiting with friends until the wee hours of the morning. Luckily for the night owls, the morning events didn’t really gear up until eleven or so.

From nine am to noon, racers registered and prepared their bikes, while others prepared for the People’s Choice Scooter Show. This year’s show categories were Best of Show, Best Vintage, Best Modern, and Ugliest Scooter. Rally attendees cast their votes during the races and the bikes with the most votes in each category were revealed at the award party later that night.

The races began early in the afternoon and finished in time for the Burnout Contest. For this, the rules were simple: lay rubber, get the crowd hyped, and smoke ’em out. The loudest crowd response dictated the winners for this special prize.

With all of the contest and race winners, the award party was the most-anticipated part of the whole weekend. The awards were announced, trophies were handed out, raffle prizes were given away, and all that was left was letting the music and celebrating commence!

“It goes without saying that we had another great time down in Brown County, Indiana. Luckily for us, the weather was perfect this year (finally) and the hospitality shown by our hosts, sponsors, and the sportsmanship shown by fellow racers was humbling.

It was an action-packed weekend to be certain. We are already planning for 2013 and we look forward to seeing new and old faces again next year. Check out our winners below and give them a big old ‘attaboy’ the next time you see them…” – Jeremy Hall of Antisocial Scooter Club

Photo Credit : Alan @ RUCKline & Benjamin Jones of Lagerhead Racing

Race Winners

Paxton Metzger #28
Jeff Wilmington #21
Jason Alsop # 18

Super Pro
Dan Scott # 7
Youth Bracket
Paxton Metzger #28
Skip Eacret # 13
King of the Hill
Steve Lorenz #4