A Warm and Cozy Review of the Corazzo “Underhoody”

Underhoody HeavenUnderhoody Heaven“I tested the Underhoody on a clear cold Detroit morning. The thermometer in the garage showed 15 degrees and I headed up. Although my hands were freezing, the Underhoody added a layer in three critical areas. The gauntlet part of my gloves sometimes creates a draft effect at my wrists. With the Underhoody, they were well covered by material that was perfectly positioned due to the thumb-holes. The hood part added a much-needed layer around my head and back of my neck. The small face opening allowed the fabric to cover my mouth and chin/neck area. I got to delete my usual (and well worn)

Buell fleece neck muff and my polyester balaclava without missing either of them in the frigid February-in-Detroit weather!

The Corazzo Underhoody is an excellent piece of gear for those of us who choose to ride our scooters in cold weather. It’s functional and multi-purpose, but also represents an excellent idea brought to life perfectly. It’s high quality, and although it’s not an inexpensive piece of gear, it’s uniquely worth it and I’ll be wearing it every time I’m on the scoot until the summer comes.”
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