VholdR Contour HD (1080p) Mini Camcorder Review

Now some of you may know that we are VholdR camcorder dealers, but it’s likely many of you don’t even know what they are… Well, in our official store you can find both 1080p and 720p VholdR mini HD camcorders and several accessories for mounting the wearable cameras to various things like handlebars, windshields, and helmets.

We use our Contour HD mini wearable camcorder for everything from our Ramp Crash Test, to our everyday riding, as well as goofin’ around in the office. One thing is for sure, these are great little cameras, but don’t take our word for it, check this review out, and then visit our store to get your new Contour HD Mini Cam for your next ride.

VholdR HD Camera Review
By Bart Madson
Managing Editor
Be it bike tests, feature stories or racing reports Madson has been scribbling at Motorcycle USA for almost a half decade. He rides whatever’s in the MCUSA garage – just don’t ask him to wheelie.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I feel very inadequate when it comes to techno goodies like cameras. Lucky for me testing the new VholdR ContourHD proved an easy affair thanks to its idiot simple operation. Slap in the rechargeable battery and micro SD card, press the on button and then slide the large record switch forward. Viola, you’re recording, and in high-def no less!

VholdR ContourHD
Those of sound mind, or even questionable mind, should be able to work the VholdR Contour HD camera.
There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on the VholdR H-D, one reason it’s so user friendly. Hold down the on/off switch and it turns on with a beep, hold it down again and a double beep signifies off. The record function gives the same auditory signals, plus a red light on the front of the camera and the big red “REC” displaying when the record button slides forward ensures zero confusion as to whether you’re rolling or not.

This last feature may sound like an idiot-proof mechanism, and it is – one we’re grateful for. Ask MCUSA video editors how many times I’ve returned with awesome action takes of my mug in front of the camera turning it off instead of on. Or in the case of some of our past on-board devices, downloading still photos instead of video because the wrong button got bumped.

Another great feature on the Contour, which sets it apart, it shoots out a pair of lazer beams to help line up shots. No more guessing what the lens is aiming at. Users can also fine-tune the angle with the rotating lens.

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Ramp Crash Test Video: