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Build it and they will come!
Corazzo participated as the title sponsor of the 2009 Put Up or Shut Up Scooter Build-off. We saw some of the most amazing machines built in only a few short months and thought we have to do this again next year.

2010’s Scooter Build-Off competition has just begun (September 20th), registration is now open for any and all builders. The competition will be judged and winners announced at the 2010 Vegas High Rollers Weekender.
Team Luck Bastards' Lowline LambrettaTeam Lucky Bastards’ Lowline Lambretta
Some background of the Build Off from Rudy of the Lucky Bastards Scooter Club:
We originally came up with the idea in 2008 to hold an event that would allow scooter builders in the USA to showcase their restoration and building skills. By October, the Put Up or Shut Up Vintage Scooter Build Off was launched.

Web site hosting and development was sponsored by, art work by Barthlow Design in Eugene Oregon. We had a committee that included fellow scooterist Josh Snow from Bulletproof scooters, Nyle Schafhauser from Jettin Industries and myself. This group was responsible for setting up the rules for the event. Corazzo came on board as our sole sponsor and we were on a roll.

Building started 9/1/2008 and originally 31 teams signed up, as is common with this type of event, several builders were unable to complete for a wide range of reasons. From the original 31 builders 13 made it to the judging. The teams that made their projects a reality debuted in Las Vegas during High Rollers weekend in 2009.

The categories have slightly changed, and the rules fine-tuned for this years big event, but the competition remains the same. Restore or build a vintage scooter in 6 months, and your team could go down in history.

Click here to check out photos of the winners and runners up from last year.

Put Up Or Shut Up Scooter Build-Off Categories and Rules
1. Stock Restoration

Participants in this category will present restorations that have been restored to “original” condition; to either factory or dealer specifications. This includes original colors/paint schemes, stock engines, period correct accessories are allowed.

2. Custom

This category will showcase scooters that have been re-built with modern upgrades. Including engine and performance upgrades, custom bodywork and paint.

3. No Limits

In this category participants will exhibit radically customized projects. Including body modifications, custom paint, and fabrication. Anything goes in this category.

4. The Mulligan

We’ve added this new category for participants who were unable to finish their projects for the 2009 Build Off.

Team PBR's awesome Lambretta DTeam PBR's awesome Lambretta D
The Build-off Rules:
1. Participation
This competition is open to any person, club or shop that wants to build a quality scoot. We realize that some participants may not have the same resources that others do. Outsourcing of work is allowed as long as the team gives proper recognition to the shops they have used. Work that can be outsourced includes body, paint, plating, welding and engine work. The registered participants must complete the actual build (except outsourced work) themselves. The scooter can be up to the primer stage prior to the Build Off. Meaning all body work and prep can be done, however the paint and assembly must happen after the Build Off begins.

2. Eligible Scooters
This is a Vintage Scooter Build Off, keep your Rivas at home. Scooters that are allowed are 50’s, 60’s & 70’s manual shift, metal bodied scooters. While Vespas and Lambrettas are the common entries we welcome other vintage makes.

3. The Scooter must be complete and in running condition on the day of the event.

4. Scooters must remain on display in the designated Scooter Build Off area until completion of judging. We will try to display the scooters near the Corazzo booth. This still has to be determined and we will have the Build Off area clearly marked on the day of the event.

5. Judges decisions are final. Judging forms become the sole property of the Scooter Build Off organizers.

6. Please post a “before” picture on the website, periodic progress updates are requested from participants.

7. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to winners in the 3 categories by Corazzo. The Mulligan category will receive a trophy from the event organizers, and a beer.


Please pay all entry fees promptly, last year I had to cover a lot of the expenses out of my pocket. That greatly hindered my gambling and lap dance budget. All monies received are used solely for the Build Off, no one is making a profit here. Registrants will receive patches and shirts with their registration (please specify shirt size) extra patches and shirts will be available but will be limited.

Fees per team:
$50.00 1 scooter, 1 patch, 1 shirt
$80.00 2 scooters, 2 patches, 2 shirts
$100.00 3 scooters, 3 patches, 3 shirts

Fees can be paid via Paypal to:

If you need to send a check or money order please send it to:
Rudy Perez
835 SE 8th ST
Gresham OR 97080
2010’s Scooter Build-Off Registration is HERE