Where is Corazzo’s New Lineup?

Corazzo has some news to share. We have been working hard to get so many new projects going at the same time. Many people are wondering why our new products aren’t on our website yet…

Well, that’s because we are creating an entirely new website, with new features like image gallery, designer bios, and our outstanding new line of scooter and motorcycle gear.

The new line brings some very stylish and beneficial new design elements. The first Corazzo designs that are 100% waterproof, not only that but the first jacket with our new Storm Shield 8000 technology, the first zip-out liners, all mesh jacket, and last, but certainly not least, our first leather jacket. So, it’s only fitting that we have an awesome way to show it all to you. The new website is due to be launched by the end of next week, and all of our new products are available for sale in our Official Store now!

All new products are live online now!

The 2010 Lineup
Ventata (Mesh)(Unisex)
Leather 5.0
Tempeste for Women
Tempeste for Men
Postale (Unisex)
Reflective Safety Vest

We have also picked up a couple of cool items that all of us scooter peeps really like.

Corazzo is now a Vholdr dealer – Worlds smallest HD camcorder with the BIGGEST video. You can attach these anywhere and they make home scooter movies so awesome!
Our Vholdr Blog