Winner of Erico’s Essay Challenge

Deacon With Bradford

Bradford Duval, Presdent of Corazzo, had the opportunity to participate in a scooter giveaway at Erico Motorsports. After reviewing hundreds of essays written by people who hoped to win a scooter to give them a leg up in these tough economic times, Erico wisely chose a person whose best friend wrote in on his behalf. The winner, a beam of light and love named Deacon Aspinwall.

After facing trials at a young age that would leave most people in a dark and sad place, Deacon struggled his way through and has become one of the more beautiful human beings that Corazzo has come across. Deacon, thank you for your inspiration to us all, it was our pleasure to get you kitted for your new scooter. Deacon with New ScooterDeacon with New Scooter

Denver’s local 9News was there to witness it, check their story out here.